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Cast off - events



First of all, we would like to explain a few principles to our work. First of all, we want to give you extraordinary and unforgettable moments that you will remember positively. For this purpose, we would like to organize the events individually in small groups. This enables us to respond to your wishes much more flexibly. Your safety is important to us. All events are carefully planned by us and the equipment is regularly serviced, tested or replaced. As is customary in seafaring and it is good seamanship, the last word on board has the skipper (boat driver), i.e. your guide. He is responsible for you at the events and makes sure that nothing happens and that you can enjoy the tour carefree.


Depending on the type of event, we have a minimum and a maximum number of people (which unfortunately may not be exceeded), which you can see below for the respective events. If you would like to hold an event "only" with your family or friends, you should contact us briefly so that we can easily put together an individual offer for you. For individual events, we can also flexibly determine the start and end point with you.


Our regular departure and destination is in Strande. We'll meet at the port at the agreed time. You will receive a short "safety briefing" and then you can start. We get on board and you put on the swimming aids. Depending on the weather, you should wear waterproof / tight jackets and sturdy shoes. Special equipment that is necessary for the various events will of course be provided by us. If you like, you can take spare clothes with you, in case we do get wet.


Nothing is tipped overboard with us. We ensure that everything that arises is properly disposed of on land! This also includes small pieces of paper and cigarette butts. Everyone knows the pollution of our oceans and we want to help keep these pollution as low as possible. For us, experiences close to nature also mean treating nature with respect. If we come across animals, we will be able to observe them very carefully from a reasonable distance. You can get some background information from us.

safety instructions

The following applies to all trips / courses: As soon as a responsible and safe trip can no longer be guaranteed by us due to the weather, we reserve the right to cancel. We will assess the situation. We will be happy to arrange an alternative date with you or refund the deposit. However, further claims are excluded. In very rare cases we may have to cancel a tour in the middle due to the weather. In this case we will be happy to arrange an alternative date with you. A refund of the deposit is excluded here.

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